Monday, September 26, 2016

USCHO PreSeason Poll

BC ranked much higher than I would have predicted given the large group of underclassmen who left early:

Preseason Division I Men's Poll

September 26, 2016

Team(First Place Votes)RecordPointsLast Poll
1North Dakota(43)34- 6-49931
2Quinnipiac( 1)32- 4-78562
4Boston University( 5)21-13-577414
5Boston College( 1)28- 8-56413
7St. Cloud State31- 9-15695
9Notre Dame19-11-750213
10Providence27- 7-44767
11Michigan25- 8-54706
14Bowling Green22-14-6370NR
16St. Lawrence19-14-433618
17Michigan Tech23- 9-528516
18Yale19- 9-428311
19Minnesota State21-13-715317
20Ferris State20-15-61261

Sunday, September 25, 2016

BC's Myles Willis

Myles is such a great kid and a wonderful representative of Boston College.   Watch him in this video:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Are Faculty Liberal or Conservative?

An excerpt:

While liberals outnumber conservatives six-to-one on America’s college and university faculties, the liberal-to-conservative ratio on campuses in New England is a mind-blowing 28 to one.