Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tom O'Brien Out at NC State?

According to a reliable source, Tom O'Brien has told his staff that he is out as head coach of NC State after the 2011 season.  Coach O'Brien's current contract runs through the 2015 football season .   Running backs coach Jason Swepson recently left to become head coach at Elon College. 


  1. When do you think this might go public?

  2. And this reliable source is...? You're an accounting professor (not journalism, but a discipline that has a certain respect for reporting facts) & you're going on record as saying TOB is out next year at North Carolina State? Really? Really? This past season was tied for second most wins in school history & NC State would can him after next season?

    Thanks. Try again. Next.

  3. Yawn... If TOB knows this is his last season at State, then why is he ushering Russ Wilson out the door?

  4. Reputable bloggers note when they correct/change a post.

    Your original post said " ... This fall will mark the last year of O'Brien's 5 year contact he signed when he left Boston College after the 2006 season. ..."

    I believe the posters calling your credibility into question have a good reason to do so.