Saturday, February 25, 2012

Obama View vs. Traditional View

COMMENTARY: Late yesterday afternoon, this is in the Coral Gables, this is at a fundraiser, this is after Obama sang the praises of pond scum as the next substitute for oil.

OBAMA: We’ve gotta make sure that everybody’s doing their fair share. Everybody needs a fair shot, everybody’s gotta play by the same set of rules, everybody’s gotta do their fair share. Everybody’s gotta do their part! Everybody in this room, we are here, successful, because somebody down the road have not just thinkin’ about themselves, they were takin’ responsibility for the country as a whole.

COMMENTARY: What an absolute crock! That is the exact opposite of what goes on. That is his translation of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is absolutely full of it. “Everybody gotta do their part. Everybody in this room, we’re here, successful, ’cause somebody down the road was not just thinkin’ about themselves, they were takin’ responsibility for the country as a whole.” That is not what propelled this country! This country was propelled by rugged individualism and rugged self-interest, and it was made possible by virtue of the freedom this country offers its citizens thanks to our Constitution, founding documents, and Founding Fathers.

Now, this may be a fine line. Obama wants you to think that everybody that he deems “successful” is first thinking of government and then, second, thinking of government, and then the last thing they think of is government, and everything they do is oriented toward making the government better. And that isn’t true. Most people today are finding a way to avoid the government! Because of guys like Obama, most people are trying to find a way to evade the government. Because the government, run by guys like Obama, is an obstacle. It’s in people’s way.

Here’s the next sound bite.
OBAMA: We’re not gonna win the race for new jobs and new businesses and middle class security if we’re responding to today’s challenges with the same old, tired worn out “you’re on your own” economics that hasn’t worked. What these other guys are peddling has not worked. It didn’t work in the decade before the Great Depression. It did not work in the decade before I became president. It will not work now.

COMMENTARY: Do you believe this? The country has never worked. Capitalism has never worked. America was not great until the New Deal, and then America plunged into the abyss again, and only is on the path to reclaiming its greatness now that Obama is replicating the New Deal by a factor of ten. Has he ever heard of the Roaring Twenties? Has he ever heard of the boom in the fifties and the sixties and the seventies? Has he ever heard of what happened in the 1980s? It never worked? This is the second time he’s said this in such a prominent way. Last time was when he made his speech, I guess it was in December, might have been January, the days run together so quickly now, in Osawatomie, Kansas, where he said, America, as founded, hasn’t worked.


  1. Commentary: Has Obama ever heard of the Industrial Revolution? He may think "You're on your own". The rest of us may think "You have the opportunity. Take some chances, work hard and if you do well, you'll be very profitable."

    I don't think he understands that nothing is free. If you borrow, you pay it back. If you want it, earn it. Why is that so hard for him to understand?

  2. Hi Ed,
    I have enjoyed your content posts. I appreciate you intestinal fortitude. Unfortunately, many of the BC professor's I had (01'-05'), seemed to slant their teaching with a polar opposite viewpoint.

    On the back of a couple self-interested billionaires (Buffet, Gates), Obama has effectively vilified anybody that EARNS over 200k/yr. It is scary to watch a liberal movement progress on the platform of volunteering OTHER PEOPLES earned money in the name of righteous compassion and empathy, by way of an embarrassingly inefficient operating government (Public Education System, USPS, ect.ect.). This is not a 'out in front' movement. Sugar coated with celebrity endorsement and social media embrace, it has become 'cool' pop culture to support this transcendental 'everybody gets a trophy' society. Obamaclause is driving us down Greek road.

    1. Get Republican Celebrities Out in Front- For every Gates/Buffet/Beyonce/DiCaprio, there have got to be alike polarizing figures will self-made viewpoints. Hannity/Gretchen/Limbau do not, and never will resonate with independents.
    2. Magnify the Insanity- There are some out right scary, liberty stripping policy shifts being implemented that if EXPOSED beaten like a dead horse, people will realize this President for the dictator he is. At the end of the day, CNN produces 2/10 of the story, and Fox covers the other 8/10, both with substantial bias. I would love to see formal debates between media networks. There are too many loose ended headlines that need definitively debated resolution.
    3. Candidate w/Charisma- Paul Ryan/Chris Christie. They are convicted, passion infused, reasonable political figures, that CAN resonate with independents. GOP's current crop is an SNL skit.

    Go Eagles!

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