Friday, July 13, 2012

Scott Brown Must Defeat Lizzy Warren

Elizabeth Warren is a typical leftist ego-maniac incapable of admitting she’s wrong.  This was in the local paper today:
Martha’s Vineyard Patch:

The first question came from a reader in Lynnfield. “Although there is a relatively small number of Mass. voters of Native American descent, do you feel you have addressed their concerns about your own statements involving your heritage?”

Elizabeth Warren:

Growing up, my mother and grandparents often talked about our family’s Native American heritage. As a kid, I never asked them for documentation–what kid would?

But growing up, I knew that my parents had been very much in love, but that my father’s family said they couldn’t get married because my mother was part Cherokee and part Delaware. So they eloped. We grew up with this all our lives.

I never asked for–and never got–any benefit in school or in jobs. The people who hired me have said that they didn’t even know about it when they recruited me–and it played no role in my hiring.

So there it is.

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