Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gene D : From a Friend of Mine - Very Intelligent Post

Thought I would share with you my thoughts on the Gene DeFillippo era coming to an end at Boston College....what are your thoughts? Hoping to get to Miami game, but I will certainly be back for Clemson

My brief or not so brief analysis of the situation...

Say what you want about the guy, I'm not one to talk bad about someone when they have not done anything to you, and I got a chance to get to know him a bit, and he was nothing but nice to me. When I came back to BC, he took a few minutes to speak with me and said how proud he was someone from BC had continued in athletics.

That being said and looking at it with no person stake in it whatsoever, all of the coaches in his tenure that experienced certain levels of extended success were all hired by previous AD Chet Gladchuck:

MBB - Al Skinner

WBB - Cathy Inglese

FB- Tom O'Brien

Hockey - Jerry York

He has made hires in 3 of the big four:

MBB - Steve Donahue (jury still out, but from what I hear they are on good track in rebuilding and he is well-liked throughout the department)

WBB - Sylvia Crawley (is there a level below horrible???), Erik Johnson (new hire but in my biased opinion a genuinely good guy who will do a good job, be able to recruit, and will work hard, something Sylvia didn't do)

FB - Jeff Jagodzinski (success but with TOB recruits, and from what I heard was a terrible executive HC. Jags had good assistants who ran the ship, but here is the prime example where Gene let pride get in the way), Frank Spaziani (well we all know how this one is turning out)

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