Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Moment of 2012

April 7, 2012 :Tampa, Florida

Monday, December 24, 2012

From BC Interruption - Myles Willis

I am looking forward to meeting Myles Willis when he arrives on campus next summer.  I hope he is in the Carroll School of Management:

Criticism of Steve Addazio

 From the comments section of yesterday's Boston Globe article about Steve Addazio:

It's appropriate that the Globe provided this story free on the Web for non-subscribers.  Simply, it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

This is your standard puff-piece, following the time-tested metropolitan daily handbook of welcoming a new head coach to town with a love letter that A) Glosses over his weaknesses; B) Features glowing testimonials from former players; C) Exaggerates his modest accomplishments; and D) Pledges his ever-dying love for his new employer.

I would hope that even Julian Benbow, the earnest author, realizes this is pure bullcrap.

This is the real Steve Addazio:

-- A man who inquired formally about the UConn job in 2011 NINE DAYS after he accepted the Temple position.

-- A man who interviewed for the Rutgers job prior to the 2012 off-season.  Apparently both of those were "dream jobs" also.

-- A coach who's 2011 season was a tremendous disappointment, despite the New Mexico Bowl victory which is now being touted as if if came with a Vince Lombardi Trophy.  The Owls were loaded in '11 with speed, size and depth (all recruited by Al Golden).  Instead, they did not beat a team in the MAC with a winning record, and languished in the bottom half of the East Division while Addazio flabbergasted the fanbase with an offense that had all the creativity of a tollroad ticket.  Only a late-season winning streak against the  bottom-feeders led to the Bowl and a post-season opponent (Wyoming) that had no right playing in a Bowl.

-- That led into the 2012 season, when most felt that Temple would likely struggle in the Big East.  And did it ever.  But even before a season-ending, five-game conference losing streak, it allowed nearly 500 yards of total offense to VILLANOVA, played flat at Penn State, and was absolutely shredded at home by a freshman quarterback from Maryland.  The Owls dominated Army.  In the other 10 games they were beaten to a pulp at the line of scrimmage, including both of their conference wins (South Florida, UConn...both gifts hand-wrapped by the opponent).

-- Oh, and let's not forget that Addazio, despite having his eye other jobs, kept badgering his AD to join the Big East.  The Owls made the deal with the devil (Meatball Marinatto), despite the fact that it never accomplished anything in the MAC and that anybody with two eyes could see the basketball portion of the BE disintegrating.  But the AD felt that Addazio -- that same fraud that Benbow portrayed lovingly at getting up pre-dawn to recruit in Western Mass -- would raise the profile of the school by convincing 4-star recruits in the Northeast to come to North Philadelphia.  Fat chance. And now basketball pays.  The school's signature program stuck in a conference with no future while its former home (the A10) thrives.

And, oh, by the way, the 2013 recruits that Addazio did get to pledge before be bolted Temple are currently rated as the worst class in the Big East.  The. Worst.

Oh, his new BC players will love Addazio at first. He'll fill up the Yawkey facility with more inspirational quotes than Tony Robbins, and he'll alternate between driving them hard and asking about their little sisters.  They will think and say all the right things leading into the season.  Then the games will begin and Addazio will run left on first down, right on second, and have get Rettig sacked or hurried on third.  Please just check YouTube at your leisure for what Florida fans thought about his offensive schemes.

If Addazio had never met Urban Meyer he would be selling Chevys in New Britain and volunteering coaching the local Pop Warner team.

5-7, 4-8, 6-7 (with a Bowl loss), 3-9.  The prediction for Addazio's four years at BC.

At least Spaziani had some character.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Barry Gallup - So Sad

From Mark Blaudschun

It was one of those days at Boston College when nothing was happening and then everything was happening. New BC football coach Steve Addazio was in the process of finalizing the process of hiring his two new coordinators, Ryan Day on offense, which wasn’t a surprise and Don Brown, on defense, which was a surprise.

At the same time new BC Director of Athletics Brad Bates was wrapping up the details of adding New Mexico State as the Eagles final non-conference opponent for 2013.All Categories
Routine stuff, but enough to keep you focused away from the real world events such as the horrific events last Friday in Newtown, Ct.

And then there came a simple tweet from Boston College Associate Athletic Director of Media Relations Chris Cameron. “”Lisa Gallup passed away.”

I didn’t really know Lisa Gallup, but I know her father Barry Gallup, BC’s Associate Athletic Director of football operations. I have known him for 26 years, ever since I came to Boston in 1987.

I knew him when he was an assistant football coach at BC. I knew him when he was the football coach at Northeastern as well as the Athletic Director. I knew him when he came back to his alma mater BC as the director of football operations.

No one had more passion for BC than Gallup.  If you didn’t like Barry Gallup, something was wrong with you.

I also knew Barry Gallup in 2003 when his oldest son Darren was killed in an automobile accident.  Darren was  18  years old and the Gallup family: Barry, Darren’s younger brother Barry and his Lisa grieved as the family  tried to understand the meaning of it.

Darren was the oldest, born in 1984. Lisa arrived next and then came Barry Jr. All three children were athletes, all had inspirations to attack life with a passion they received from their parents.

But then suddenly, on an icy February night, Darren was gone.

“What kind of God takes a child away from a parent?”. was a question  Vickie Gallup asked after taking some comfort that her son was in God’s hands.

The same question could  again be asked  tonight as the Gallup family absorbs the shock of the death of Lisa, after a long bout with cancer.

No parent should ever have to bury his or her child. Now Barry and Vickie have to do it again.

Barry was in New York City on Monday, working on arrangements to take his daughter home where she would receive hospice care in her final days. She never made it.

Gallup was talking to a friend a few days ago, who asked about Lisa’s condition. As usually was the case with  Barry, he was non-committal about his personal life and problems and concerns, but always positive.

Now he offered his friend some advice as he left.

“When you go home, make sure you hug your daughter, “Gallup told his friend.

It has been said that many times that life can be unfair and in the past five days we have seen way too much of that.

We see it as we see BC assistant athletic director Dick Kelly battle the effects of Lou Gehrig’s disease with dignity and a positive attitude.

Life CAN  be unfair and the people at BC and in Newtown are experiencing that now.

And that, quite frankly, sucks.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The New BC Defensive Coordinator

Don Brown, former UMass coach and current UConn defensive coordinator, will be the new BC defensive coordinator.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boston Globe Today - Article on New AD Brad Bates
In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I posted the following on Facebook:

Why does any civilian in America need a weapon that can fire 100 rounds of ammunition at rapid speed? Give me ONE good reason?

I am no fan of guns and believe we should regulate them.   But the primary issue here in my opinion is the mental health of our population.   This article is a must read, written by a mother whose son is mentally ill.   It is moving, alarming and heartbreaking:

I am Adam Lansa's Mother 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stokes Hall Opens

I must admit it is nicer than I expected.  I was upset that the dustbowl was disappearing but there is a surprising amount of green space left.  

Here is a good article in today's Boston Globe about Stokes Hall:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Football Coach

I was hoping for a splash - an Al Golden type.   In retrospect, that was not going to happen.   But after reflecting a bit about the hire, I am cautiously optimistic.   Let's face it.  It's all about the recruiting and Addazio can recruit. What he does with those recruits is another story, but he certainly has a strong track record of quality recruiting at both Syracuse (Dwight Freeney) and Florida (Aaron Hernandez).

Let's hope he builds a top shelf staff (will Ryan Day and Kevin Rogers be returning?) and gets on the recruiting trail and sells our special school; one of the finest schools in the nation. 

Here is a positive spin on the Addazio hiring from ESPN: