Thursday, May 30, 2013

BC Football Coaches On Twitter

You have to follow the various BC coaches on Twitter.   They are fired up and aggressively going after top notch recruits.  Check out Don Brown's Twitter page:


  1. Great to be back in the office doing some football with the D-Staff. Back on the plane tonight. Just trying to
  2. Follow BC Football on Instagram at bostoncollegefootball and
  3. BC fans if you aren't already, follow . Great tweets and he's going to bring back an insane BC Defense
  4. And on that note.... Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!
  5. Today's Goals: 1) Go like a Maniac 2) Seize the Day 3) FINISH the week 4)
  6. and I got after it today! Great day on the road with one of the great and a very proud .
  7. ACC opener against Wake Forest on Friday, Sept. 6 at 8 p.m. will be broadcast on ESPN2
  8. Show your support for and follow "BostonCollegeFootball" on Instagram!
  9. to kick off 2013 campaign against Villanova on Aug. 31 at noon on ESPN3
  10. Eagle Nation support BC Football and check out their Instagram.... bceaglesfootball
  11. and pairing up today in Florida, that's big time!
  12. Spending the day with in Florida. Going to be a great day! Out looking for guys who want to
  13. The most important thing you can do for yourself is make the right decision on where to go to college!
  14. Follow BC Football on Instagram... bceaglesfootball
  15. Passed in followers. These young guys got nothing on me and my twitter game. - I'm coming after you.
  16. An ELITE Academic degree with an NFL future. Where else would you want to be?!
  17. ACC Football: #1 Academically (APR&GSR) and 1 of only 2 conferences to have 30+ players drafted in the last 9 consecutive NFL Drafts
  18. I went to the football camp at 14, balled out got a scholarship at 15 and the rest history. SIGN UP! "
  19. Registration is still open for the best camp in the Northeast. Many Future Eagles will be found!
  20. Before you can , you've got to be a guy.
  21. No fat lady singing in the garden!
  23. Huge Game for the B's tonight! Game 7 in the !
  24. Down in the the next two weeks. Come be a part of something special.
  25. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, my wife and daughters included
  26. Beautiful day on campus at Boston College....just enjoyed some lunch with the students.
  27. Friday - Enjoy the weekend and !!
  28. I think might be my new hashtag of choice.
  29. Boston College NFL Free Agent Signees: Chris Pantale, TE, Jets; John Wetzel, T, Raiders
  30. BC NFL Free Agent Signees (5) - Nick Clancy, LB, Falcons; Emmett Cleary, T, Colts; Jim Noel, DB , Seahawks;
  31. 31 ACC players were selected in NFL draft. 51 more have signed contracts as free agents or received invitations to free-agent camps
  32. Make sure to follow the man with the most explosive defensive packages in the ACC, .
  33. Good Luck to all Rookies reporting for minicamp. Hard work pays off!
  34. Another great day spent on the recruiting trail. Come be a part of something special!
  35. Worth a watch. event raised $9,000 for cancer research in memory of Lisa Gallup
  36. Boston College Daily Links: Football Staff Steps Up Twitter Game
  37. CoachWash Officially Enters The World Of Twitter, Mark It On Your Calender...
  38. Spent some time this morning getting on Twitter! Let's get this thing rolling!
  39. New to twitter. Lets get this rolling
  40. Falcons QB and alum participated in night at Braves game in Georgia last night
  41. Shoutout and welcome defensive coordinator to the Twittersphere! Give him a follow!
  42. Good Luck to all our players during finals week!
  43. Had a Great time last night at the golf course with BC Alumni. Boston College pride is everywhere!

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