Wednesday, January 29, 2014

President Obama and the Constitution

I remember taking a class called Citizenship with Mr. Lalicata in the 7th grade. We learned about the three co-equal branches of government with the Executive branch charged with making sure that enacted laws are faithfully executed. President Obama, a former Constitutional professor, apparently did not learn this basic civics lesson. He continues to say that he has a pen and if Congress does not act, he will. Just look at his signature law, the Affordable Care Act. He has repeatedly declared that "it's the law of the land." Yet, he has openly defied it by repeatedly delaying or waiving portions of the law that he is responsible for enforcing. As Democratic Senator Tom Harkins asked recently, "This was the law. How can they change the law?"

What I don't understand is how Congress and the press can give the President a free pass on this obvious lawlessness. Can you imagine if George W. Bush acted in the same manner? The mainstream media would vilify him and and they should. But we hear nothing about Obama's unilateral actions.

Candidate Obama was quoted in 2008 as wanting to fundamentally transform the greatest society ever devised by man. Well, slowly he is accomplishing his objective. As author and radio host Mark Levin says, we are living in Ameritopia.

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  1. Candidate Obama also said he would have the most transparent administration in history. He also repeatedly said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Boehner is rolling over for him and the Democrats control the Senate. Obama sees a power vacuum and he's filling it. And America loses and most of the mainstream media either don't care or are actively supporting him in this.