Sunday, February 16, 2014

Johnny Gaudreau

His team is 24-4-3 through 31 games, ranked #1 in the country.   His stats are amazing:

Goals     27
Assists   34
Points    61

He is as close to a slam dunk to win the Hobey Baker award as I have seen.  

Not to be overshadowed, look at the stats of Johnny's linemates:

Kevin Hayes    22 goals
                        28 assists
                        50 points

Bill Arnold       12 goals
                       32 assists
                       44 points

This might be the best line I have seen since the Reasoner-Gionta-Powers line back in 1998 or the Gibbons-Atkinson-Whitney line in 2010.

We are in for a fun ride over the next 2 months of the season. 

Go Eagles!

1 comment:

  1. JG leads the nation in both goals and assists. Slam dunk is an apt description of his Hobey Baker chances. Anyone who doesn't vote for him should have to pee in a cup. Demko is third in the country in goals against. As a freshman. The Eagles lead the nation in scoring and are tied for 5th in defense. The team's power play is 7th best and the team is atop the country in penalty killing. Top to bottom, this is best team in the country right now. Let's hope we say the same thing in April!