Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mark Blaudschun

I usually like Mark Blaudschun.  But there are so many inaccuracies in this article about the culture at Boston College.    He has no clue about many things in the article (like Admissions) but he is really off base when he says:

"What Duke and Harvard do is make sure that once you get into school you can survive. Multiple academic advisors are available around the basketball program.

So why not take a kid who does not meet the academic requirements of the school and give them the support they need, especially if he is a first-team All American point guard or NBA lottery type player.
BC needs to lower its admissions to get better players, while increasing its support system."

First,  BC DOES accept student-athletes that do not meet the academic requirements of the non student-athlete.

Next, it is very difficult to be a student-athlete at an academic institution like Boston College.   But BC does a great job of providing our student-athletes with academic  resources (tutors, advisers etc) only available to student-athletes. I know many of these people in the Learning Resources for Student Athletes Department at BC.   It is a fantastic department which provides tremendous support to our student-athletes.

I wish the media would get their facts straight before publishing a story of half truths.

Lastly, is Mr. Blaudschun Tommy Amaker's agent?   Reading his recent articles, it certainly appears to be the case.

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