Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Gaudreaus

From today's NY Times. I sure do hope he takes his mom's advices:

Gaudreau is now wrestling with what to do at the end of this season. He enjoys college life and playing with his brother, but has little left to accomplish at the collegiate level, especially if Boston College wins another national championship.

The Flames are telling Gaudreau to focus on the coming tournaments and then make the decision. Gaudreau’s mother would like to see her son finish college and graduate, and he said his mother usually prevailed in these kinds of things.

“I don’t think he gets it that when you go out there, it’s not going to be all fun anymore,” Jane Gaudreau said.
“I don’t think he gets he may be taking the spot of someone who has a wife and three kids.”

She added: “As his mom, I’d like to see him take one more year to get a little bigger, a little stronger, and to enjoy his senior year. He’s never had a homecoming. He’s never had a prom. He missed his high school graduation. He said he’d have a graduation picture for me.

“Have your senior year. You will never get that back.”

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