Saturday, January 24, 2015

President Obama To Pay "Respects" To Late Saudi King

President Obama cut his trip to India short so that he could head to Saudi Arabia to pay his "respects" to the late King Abdullah. This is the king who treats women as second class citizens. In fact, the King's four daughters have been under house arrest for the past 14 years , for attempting to raise awareness of women’s treatment in society. 

I recall that when the late/great Margaret Thatcher passed away, President Obama was a no-show despite being invited to attend. Joe Biden also refused, as did Hillary Clinton. (By the way, former Secretary of State George Schultz went to the funeral). The British took note of the fact that the Obama administration chose not to send a single senior member of the Cabinet. In fact, no actively serving, elected Democrat attended Lady Thatcher's funeral. The Obama Administration did, however, send a formal delegation, of 14, to the funeral of Socialist Dictator Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Do you NOT see a trend?

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