Thursday, December 29, 2016

Today's Boston Globe - Boston College Basketball

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe wrote an article about the process of trying to rebuild BC basketball.  For the most part the article was fair.  However,  this excerpt from the article ticked me off:

"it makes recruiting difficult. Christian’s job is not only to convince Division 1 players they can reignite passion back into Boston College basketball, but to sell players on a school that’s most vivid athletic memory is a Hail Mary pass from 32 years ago."

I was upset enough to write the author the following email.

Dear Mr. Washburn:

I appreciated your article in the Boston Globe on the state of BC basketball.  For the most part, it was fair .    However,  I do take exception with this:

"it makes recruiting difficult. Christian’s job is not only to convince Division 1 players they can reignite passion back into Boston College basketball, but to sell players on a school that’s most vivid athletic memory is a Hail Mary pass from 32 years ago."

Boston College has had many vivid athletic memories in recent years.    You fail to mention that Jerry York and the BC hockey team have won national championships in 2001, 2008, 2010 and 2012 while reaching the final four of college hockey in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008,  2010, 2012 and 2016.    This is the equivalent of a college sports dynasty and are much more vivid and lasting memories than Doug Flutie's pass that won nothing but a regular season football game in 1984.  

In addition, there are many other athletic memories that you fail to mention including Matt Ryan's pass to beat Virginia Tech to remain undefeated in 2007.   This memory is a much more vivid and meaningful athletic memory than the pass you alluded to in your article.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.   There is plenty to criticize about Boston College Athletics today.   But there is also a rich history of athletic success in a wide variety of men and women's sports that you fail to mention.   Hopefully, in the future when covering Boston College you will be a bit more transparent.

Happy New Year.

Edward Taylor
Boston College Alumnus

I encourage others to write to Mr. Washburn.  I realize we have issues with BC Athletics but there are also some positive things happening.  The Globe continues to cover BC in a negative way.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Great Day To Be An Eagle!

I realize that BC played in a low tier bowl but it was really fun to watch them win and finish with a 7-6 record. Let's hope the 3 straight wins to end the season is a springboard to better days ahead.      I love BC as much as life itself and this is how I feel right now:

By the way, I will be using these golf balls in Florida later this week.   Obviously, I will not be losing any of them!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Golf Practice

As I prepare for my post-Christmas trip to Naples, I thought I would practice my swing outside:

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Matty Gaudreau

A nice Sports Illustrated shoutout to Johnny's little brother who has carved out his own identity at Boston College:

Best and Worst Aiports

As a frequent traveler to RSW in Fort Myers, I would agree that it is among the best airports.    I am also not surprised to see Boston's Logan airport near the bottom.

Here are the five most satisfying airports according to J.D. Power:

Indianapolis International

A thoroughly modern airport, Indianapolis scored a whopping 794 thanks in part to its spaciousness, which you can feel as you wander its concourses. It also helps that most of its facilities are less than a decade old. The airport has garnered numerous industry and travel media awards.

Buffalo Niagara International

Buffalo, coming in at 791, is another case where mostly new infrastructure — circa 1997, with additions since — has helped create a space and amenities that ease passengers’ trips.

Southwest Florida International

Just south of Fort Myers, this airport scored 790 and is another example of how shiny new things make everyone happier. The airport’s newest terminal is only a decade old, and county overseers have worked to improve traffic access from nearby I-75.

Jacksonville International

Like many of its highly-ranked Florida peers, easy access and local flavors-sans congestion inside or out-helped Jacksonville score a 789 as it stands apart from most other airports.

Portland International

Few airports give travelers the sense of place that Portland offers. From its retail, dining, wine, and craft beer options, the Port of Portland wants you to know you’re in the Pacific Northwest. Even the airport’s teal carpet has become a noteworthy feature for many, with its own Facebook page. The airport scored 786 out of 1,000.

Here are the five least satisfying airports as scored by the study:

New York LaGuardia

The shortcomings of this tiny airport wedged between the Grand Central Parkway, Flushing Bay, and Rikers Island (New York City’s central prison complex) are well-documented. Its faults are especially visible along the older concourses that house American, United, Southwest, and JetBlue airlines. Interestingly, North America’s awful airport champion, scoring only 649 out of 1,000, has improved in the minds of passengers since 2010, helped by a new amenities and a major revamp by Delta Air Lines. Its score back then was only 604. But the major renovation that began this year-with a slew of traffic jams and access troubles-caused it to slip below Newark as the least-satisfying airport.

Newark Liberty International

This hub airport scored only 669, in large part because it shares many of the faults of its cross-town rival, with dated facilities designed for far fewer passengers than it serves today. United, which operates a hub here, has spent heavily to bring new offerings to Newark’s Terminal C, but the Port Authority still has a long to-do list.

Philadelphia International

Coming in at 688, this is another aged East Coast hub where passenger growth has far outpaced much of the physical infrastructure for both people and airplanes.

Chicago O’Hare International

This is a hub for the world’s largest and third-largest airlines, and sits at the aviation crossroads of America. It’s jammed accordingly. O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield perennially vie for the title of world’s busiest airport in terms of flights, with the latter generally receiving far higher marks about how it moves its customers. O’Hare scored 689 out of 1,000 points.

Boston Logan International

Logan dates to the 1920s. Upgrades and renovations in recent years have nevertheless failed to keep pace with steady passenger growth, fueled by an expanding JetBlue Airways and new international service. Logan scored 689 out of 1,000.

Monday, November 28, 2016

BC Bowl Bound

I am thrilled that our Eagles closed out the season with 2 straight wins.    But let's not get carried away by a 6-6 record.    Examine the ACC record and we see a 2-6 record.    The other four wins were over cupcakes Wagner, Buffalo, UMass and UConn.     And to say that Coach Addazio has worked wonders by getting BC back to a bowl is a joke.    Change is needed now.  Let the PJ Fleck era begin!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Deloitte Tax Competition

US NATIONAL FanTAXtic Case Competition (US)

Dear Faculty Advisor and Accounting Program Leader (with a copy to your participating students):
We are pleased to announce the results of the 2016 Deloitte FanTAXtic Regional Competition.  Following is the list of schools (in alphabetical order) that will advance to the National Competition that will be held on January 13-15, 2017 at Deloitte University—located just outside of Dallas, Texas. 
1.    Boston College (Team A)
2.    University of Iowa (Team A)
3.    Marquette University (Team A)
4.    University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Team A)
5.    The Ohio State University (Team A)
6.    St. John Fisher College (Team A)
7.    University of Southern California (Team A)
8.    The University of Texas at Austin (Team A)
9.    College of William & Mary (Team B) 

We were genuinely impressed by the quality of presentations submitted by the participating teams, and hope your students found the experience to be a good investment of their time.  A copy of this message has been forwarded to your student team members National competition participants will receive an email with program and logistical information in the coming weeks.  All national program participants will have to register on the Deloitte University website to secure their room and obtain instructions on airline arrangements.  Regional Honorable Mention student award recipients will be sent a link to redeem their awards later this week.  (School award checks will be sent directly to the faculty advisors in early December.)

We greatly appreciate your institution’s participation in the regional event, and wish your students well in their remaining academic careers.

The Deloitte FanTAXtic National Planning Team

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Boston College Football and Basketball - Changes Must Be Made Now!

We are the laughing stock of the ACC and the country in football and basketball.   The following article says it all.

Enough is enough!. Blow it up and start again. How can it be justified that our football team has been outscored 202-24 against VT, Clemson, Louisville and FSU this year? That's an average score of 50-6! I've had 5 seasons tickets and a tailgate spot for years. I'm not going through this again next year unless changes are made NOW.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Does Anybody See The Hypocrisy Here?

Eric Holder is coming to Boston College this week.   Check out the requirements to attend.  I am looking forward to attending.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

State of BC Football

The perception of BC football across the country has never been worse.    See this quote from the Iowa State AD:

"Because we want to add more schools to this league that are going to be like Rutgers or Boston College in their conferences? Which have no fans coming to the games, and they're getting outscored 170 to whatever it was. In Boston College's case, haven't won a game in two to three years in their conference. That totally dilutes your value."

Here is the full transcript:

Time for some big changes.    The status quo is not acceptable.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BC's Next Head Football Coach

2016-2017 Boston College Hockey

It will be interesting to watch this young team play this season.   The roster has 13 freshman and 7 sophomores. With many early departures to the NHL, there are no juniors on the roster.   Last night, this young team go their first win.  It looks like we have a goaltender in freshman Joe Woll who made 40 saves.  

Here is the recap:

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hillary's Taxes

Yesterday, I discussed Trump's use of a net operating loss carryforward to reduce current year taxable income.    Today, I see that Hillary Clinton utilizes a loss carryforward of her own - a capital loss carryforward.     Capital losses are only deductible against capital gains.    If a taxpayer has a net capital loss (after netting against capital gains) a deduction of $3,000 is allowed.   Any remaining capital losses are carried forward to offset capital gains in future years.

I have attached an excerpt of Hillary Clinton's 2015 tax return which shows a capital loss carryforward of $699,540.  After deducting the maximum of $3,000 (she had no capital gains in 2015), she will carryforward $696,540 to her 2016 tax year.

So although her carryforward is not nearly as significant as Donald Trump's she is following the tax laws that allow for such loss carryforwards.   

As discussed yesterday, the issue with Donald Trump is not a tax issue but one of his credibility as a businessman.  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump's Taxes

Here is a link to Donald Trump's 1995 New York State tax return.  Notice that he reports a loss of over $900 million relating to business losses. 

A review of the return is interesting on many levels.   The Democrats are screaming that this proves that Trump has not paid any taxes in 20 years. However, it is perfectly legal to claim a business loss on your tax return. This loss could be carried forward for up to 20 years. Also, given the magnitude of this loss, I can guarantee you that the IRS audited the return for that year. So Hillary and her cronies have no basis to accuse Trump of cheating on his taxes.

The real issue is Trump's claim to be a world class businessman. If Trump is such a great businessman what is he doing losing close to $1 billion in a single year? If I was a Clinton adviser, discrediting his business success would be the message.

Lastly, Trump and his surrogates are making an issue of our complex tax code.  I agree that our tax laws need simplification and reform.   But the reporting of losses from legitimate businesses is not a complex issue. It is quite simple and straightforward.

Monday, September 26, 2016

USCHO PreSeason Poll

BC ranked much higher than I would have predicted given the large group of underclassmen who left early:

Preseason Division I Men's Poll

September 26, 2016

Team(First Place Votes)RecordPointsLast Poll
1North Dakota(43)34- 6-49931
2Quinnipiac( 1)32- 4-78562
4Boston University( 5)21-13-577414
5Boston College( 1)28- 8-56413
7St. Cloud State31- 9-15695
9Notre Dame19-11-750213
10Providence27- 7-44767
11Michigan25- 8-54706
14Bowling Green22-14-6370NR
16St. Lawrence19-14-433618
17Michigan Tech23- 9-528516
18Yale19- 9-428311
19Minnesota State21-13-715317
20Ferris State20-15-61261

Sunday, September 25, 2016

BC's Myles Willis

Myles is such a great kid and a wonderful representative of Boston College.   Watch him in this video:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Are Faculty Liberal or Conservative?

An excerpt:

While liberals outnumber conservatives six-to-one on America’s college and university faculties, the liberal-to-conservative ratio on campuses in New England is a mind-blowing 28 to one.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Boston Globe

This is irresponsible journalism.  I am no fan of Donald Trump but can imagine if they pulled this nonsense on Hillary or Bernie?  Not a chance:

Monday, March 14, 2016

BC Baseball

Here is some good BC news:

Collegiate Baseball NCAA Div. I Poll
(As of March 14, 2016)


Rank Team (2016 Record) Points  Pvs
  1. Florida (17-1) 495 1
  2. Vanderbilt (15-1) 493 2
  3. Texas A&M (15-1) 492 3
  4. Louisville (13-2) 490 4
  5. Miami, Fla. (13-3) 485 5
  6. Oregon St. (12-2) 484 6
  7. North Carolina (12-2) 482 7
  8. Mississippi (15-1) 480 13
  9. Florida St. (13-3) 479 14
10. Louisiana St. (12-3) 475 10
11. Texas Christian (12-3) 472 11
12. Missouri St. (12-2) 469 12
13. Mississippi St. (12-3-1) 465 26
14. Virginia (11-5) 462 15
15. Florida Atlantic (13-2) 460 16
16. California (10-4) 458 18
17. Arkansas (13-3) 457 17
18. Oregon (8-5) 456 8
19. Clemson (11-3) 453 20
20. South Carolina (15-2) 451 21
21. U.C. Santa Barbara (12-3) 450 22
22. Boston College (12-3) 449
23. N.C. State (13-4) 448 19
24. Michigan (11-3) 447 27
25. Georgia Tech. (12-3) 445 9