Sunday, November 13, 2016

Boston College Football and Basketball - Changes Must Be Made Now!

We are the laughing stock of the ACC and the country in football and basketball.   The following article says it all.

Enough is enough!. Blow it up and start again. How can it be justified that our football team has been outscored 202-24 against VT, Clemson, Louisville and FSU this year? That's an average score of 50-6! I've had 5 seasons tickets and a tailgate spot for years. I'm not going through this again next year unless changes are made NOW.

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  1. Extending Jim Christian for a year after going 0-18 in ACC play is mind-blowing. We just paid Nicholls $90k to come to Conte and beat us in a game we never led. The average football score in ACC play this year is 37-11 against. Last year, the basketball team lost every ACC game by an average of just under 20 points.

    Bates may be good at fundraising, but as the losses mount, it'll be harder to raise money. As far as the other key part of his job, hiring coaches, well he's clearly way over his head. He's got to go first. The Monday after the Wake Forest game at the latest.